Why a Custom Rod

There are many reasons to choose a Whitecap Custom Rod. After discussions with you about the type of rod wanted, it will be built to your requirements. We will design it with you, for you, build it to perfection, and you will most likely catch more fish. Your custom rod will perform better than any other because of the attention to detail and the way it is crafted for your style of fishing, providing increased sensitivity and performance.

Your rod will be constructed for the species of fish you intend to catch, whether it be walleye, salmon, panfish, bass, musky or others. The components will be ideally suited for the type of fishing: live bait, spinning, casting, trolling, jigging. Proper placement of the guides on the spine will distribute and reduce stress to the rod and friction on the line. Placement of the handle, reel seat and foregrip, determined by your hand and arm measurements, will ensure that it fits you. Balancing the rod with the reel you intend to use will give it the comfortable feel needed to let you fish all day.

To personalize your custom rod, a decorative thread wrap or feather inlay may be added. Your rod now becomes not only the best rod in your arsenal, but a unique work of art.