32 inch northern caught on ice rod

I just wanted to let you know what a superb rod you made. It has the best action. I was able to land this 32 inch, 10 northern today on Lake Winniebgosh this afternoon while fishing for perch. I absolutely just love this rod.


I got the rod yesterday and it is beautiful!  I've shown it to a few of the guys on the committee and they absolutely love it.  Thank you for working it into your schedule.  I will let you know how it goes over at our banquet!  Thanks again,  

Jim from SD

Jon, Marcus opened the rod on his birthday on Saturday and says it is the most beautiful fishing rod he has ever seen!  He is looking forward to finding a beautiful reel to go with it.  Thank you for your work!


I received my husband's rod on Thursday!

Well, I could not wait to give the rod to my husband so I let him open it right away. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! (AND SO DO I)! I love the color combinations and the pheasant feather. I really surprised him this time. We cannot believe how light the rod is either!

Thank you, again, for the wonderful rod and the hard work to get it here before Christmas.

I really do appreciate it!

Pamela, ND

It's the best damn walleye rod I ever used.

Pat, St. Joseph

We received the fishing rod today and it is absolutely beautiful. It is more than we expected. We can't thank you enough and we know our grandson will love it.

Thank you.

Paul & Diane, ND

Pete and Pam's family, MN

The rod is very impressive, my wife said I should just hang it on the wall!  The craftsmanship is just amazing, great detail.

Robert from Excelsior, MN

I can see it! 
I can see its fin!
It's coming in!

Tori caught a 35" Northern on her Whitecap Rod. It took about twenty minutes to bring in, but she never gave up. Neither did her rod. She'll be talking about this fish for years, and your rod made it possible. Thanks. - Tori's Dad

Tori - age 8