Whitecap Custom Rods uses only the finest components from reputable manufacturers. This guarantees you are getting the best available parts.

  • We use rod blanks from St. Croix, G. Loomis, Batson, Lamiglas, Pacific Bay, Sage and others that meet our standards. There are numerous rod blanks to choose from and in discussing them with each customer, we will work to determine the best blank for your type of fishing. Rod blanks vary in composition from fiberglas, fiberglas plus graphite (carbon fiber) to all carbon fiber. Most blank manufacturers have different levels/grades of carbon fiber commonly shown as MODULUS. As the modulus number gets higher, the lighter, stronger and more sensitive the blanks are. And the cost also increases. We typically use St. Croix blanks but will build on any blank that the customer would like. St.Croix continually looks at different ways to improve their blank design and recently introduced a New Fortified Resin¬† System (FRS). The end result of of this is a newly designed blank that "shows up to 33% increase in strength in blank performance." St. Croix also reports that their blanks are "straighter than ever." Each series of blanks comes in various powers -ultra light to heavy and actions from extra fast to slow. Rod blanks also come in a variety of colors usually associated with the level/grade of carbon fiber and these colors vary from one manufacturer to another. So, when choosing a blank there are many options from which to choose and Whitecap Custom Rods will walk you through the steps so that you get the best blank designed for your type of fishing!
  • Guides and tips from world renowned Fuji as well as American Tackle, Pacific Bay and other reputable manufacturers
  • Reel seats, handles, and grips in a variety of materials, styles and colors from the leading manufacturers

All guides and tips are are attached with high quality nylon thread in a color of your choice and guide wraps may be accented with a metallic or contrasting thread trim band. To add that something special to your custom rod you may want a decorative thread wrap or feather inlay. This will greatly personalize your rod and add another degree of uniqueness. Our enthusiasm for excellence will meet your and our high standards in constructing another Whitecap Custom Rod.

For warranty information see our warranty page and be sure to look at the rod and fish photos in our gallery.