the workbench, with a rod under way

Welcome to Whitecap Custom Rods, where we build rods with an enthusiasm for excellence. Our rods are built to your specifications with only the best quality components from leading manufacturers.  Cross wraps and feather inlays personalize these rods, adding another unique feature to your top quality rod.


Gift certificates are available for that special occasion or person, whether it be for birthday, retirement, holidays or any day! See the other web pages for all the details and the contact page for further information about ordering a rod or purchasing a gift certificate.

Jon Steblay
Certified Professional Rod Builder

I can see it! 
I can see its fin!
It's coming in!

Tori caught a 35" Northern on her Whitecap Rod. It took about twenty minutes to bring in, but she never gave up. Neither did her rod. She'll be talking about this fish for years, and your rod made it possible. Thanks. - Tori's Dad

Tori - age 8